View Full Version : Ti-99-4A

08-07-13, 10:20
Boy did I get lucky today. For the low low price of a pack of smokes I picked up a TI-99. As far as I can tell It's CiB with all the wiring and pamphlets inside. Since I didn't own one back in the day I'm not sure if it is or not. So does anyone know what was CiB for those suckers?
Oh, not sure if this was stock or not but it also has the voice synth periph.
Gonna clean it up this weekend and screw around.

08-07-13, 10:47
It sounds like you pretty much have everything. There's also some little plastic pieces that fit onto a lip just over the numerical keys, but not sure how many of those are supposed to be in the box.
I don't think the voice synth was a pack-in item. Unless there was some later version that did include it, it should be listed on the box if it was. Mine doesn't have one, and the one my parents had when I was younger didn't have one as well.

10-07-13, 10:04
Those little keyboard slide things that show keys? I have 3 of them. Upon further inspection the picture on the box i have was more of a " You can get all these things!" not so much of whats in the box. Thanks a lot for the info sir!