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27-06-13, 12:26
Is anyone else on here playing through The Last of Us? I think I must be getting toward the end of it & so far I am beyond impressed. The story, pacing & game-play are all top-notch. Its one of the best looking games I have ever seen and the sound design is amazing. I was worried the post-apocalyptic "infected" thing would be seem cliche but it moves past that pretty quickly. This is definitely a high point for this console generation, "very great".

27-06-13, 01:02
Scrappysphinx has this game and i am furiously envious that i have had no choice but to sit out of buying this game yet. i read The Road around once every six weeks and this game just sounds like the game version of the book. Glad to hear other people are impressed with it too, fr now i will have to keep listening to Scrappy play it over Skype, this just makes me want to play it even more.

Great Bit Blog might review the game? that would be great.

27-06-13, 02:35
Yeah I played through it in a couple days after release. Great story and characters and the last hour is a lot of fun.

28-06-13, 03:37
I definitely want to get it when I have money again :). I've beaten all of the Uncharted's and I've been looking forward to this one.

28-06-13, 04:42
Ya, I might even pick this one up too! Sounds great and getting great reviews across the board.

28-06-13, 05:51
As said already, i picked it up last week. Played it pretty much solidly for 2 days until completion. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
I too thought it might be another zombie killing game but it goes above that and is a nice story to keep you going and theres definately some more difficuly parts that can get quite frustrating.

@VIPP, as said your welcome to borrow it when i visit you again. Just gotta grab it back off my sister first :)

28-06-13, 05:55
Can anyone speak on the multiplayer aspect? Any good?

28-06-13, 06:30
Didn't play multiplayer. I don't really play online so I sold my copy with all online codes intact. Basically it cost me $10 to play through the game!