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20-06-13, 07:25
Reply in this thread with the title of the second episode of Retro Gaming Roundup to have a code for Rochard PMed to you!


20-06-13, 10:04
It was in March 2009 and it was called - The Difficult Second Album - and i was on a coach when i listened to it. lol. im sad.

21-06-13, 12:16
Haha dangit! Beat me to it. Oh well, I have Rochard for PSN. I have to admit the game is pretty slow in the beginning, but it does pick up. And John St. John does voice acting for Rochard! It looks like Shadow Complex mixed with the gravity gun from Half Life 2.

21-06-13, 01:20
Hey buddy your more than welcome to the game :) i just wanted to answer the question. (Leathco you can pass this gift on to Diagamblic buddy, great competition by the way, this will help stop strangers making off with your steam codes.)

21-06-13, 01:50
That's alright. You won fair and square :). I just got a 1TB drive for my PS3, so I'm set and I've got the game installed.

21-06-13, 08:59
Pm sent