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31-05-13, 04:22
Everybody say Hey!!!!

The May show is out for your delectation, so stop reading this boring bit and go and grab it.

Hardware Flashback - (00:00)
Retro Regurge - (29:03)
Guinness Gaming Records - (35:52)
CGE Adventure - (the British IBM) - (38:31)
Jason Scott Interview - (45:09)
The Great And Powerful Oz - (96:56)
NES-a-Thon - (97:26)
Top Ten Console Light Gun Games - (98:11)
Gaming Trivia - (182:38)
It Came From MAME - (183:20)
Live News And Listener Views - (201:35)
Gerudo Valley (Nedshead80) - (367:54)
Focus On The Prize - (370:27)
URLs And EMails - (372:46)

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31-05-13, 04:44
Alright! Now my day is complete.

31-05-13, 05:19
Sweet listening now whilst getting more and more drunk....or drunken as the locals say. :)

Damn man every time I hear that British IBM CGE Adventures song I just love them even more! Incredible talent and a nice bunch of folks as well.

Get lamp is an awesome film!

All Your Base
31-05-13, 07:20
Absolutely loved the Hardware Flashback this time around. It took me back to when I thought I was a memory management wizard too. My first PC was a Compaq SLT/286 (http://www.classic-computers.org.nz/collection/compaq-stl286.htm) with 640K RAM and 20Mb hard drive. You really had to squeeze every miniscule bit of memory that you could out of it.

My world went to another level when I spent a little over £100 on a 1Mb RAM module for it and the UMB became available to me.

I can still remember the first time I got to use DEVICE=C:\DOS\HIMEM.SYS and DOS=HIGH,UMB in CONFIG.SYS: It was a whole new world of possibilities.

The point Scott made about the order in which you load the various TSRs and where you load them in memory was absolutely the key. It wasn't just the operating size of the TSR that mattered: each TSR had a loading file size and this was really important to manage because if you loaded a high loading size TSR first, it didn't necessarily release the extra bit of memory back for other TSRs.

Thanks very much for the trip down memory lane Scott

Byte Knight
01-06-13, 12:53

I was beginning to get a little worried that you weren't going to get an episode out this month...

01-06-13, 01:26
So was I.

Do I need to name and shame the last host to get their segments in on the 30th?

01-06-13, 06:48
so was i.

Do i need to name and shame the last host to get their segments in on the 30th?

Who me?


04-06-13, 06:30
holy crap, you guys have never heard of PAPA? :O

if you watched the Special when Lit documentary, they host the annual Pinball World Championships featured at the end of the movie. They open their warehouse twice a year for tournaments, and any machine not being used for competition is setup for token play. Any pinball fan that has the means must make the trip to Pittsburgh to see this place. (plus they have some rare arcade cabs like Discs of Tron and Tattoo Assassins).

04-06-13, 09:12
UK, where in the hell did all those dogging clips come from?

"...they cut branches into penis shapes... settin' on them... sticking the tree branches up their backsides"


04-06-13, 09:57
Haha! A documentary that was on in the UK recently. Dogging Tales.

04-06-13, 10:24

Just heard you were interested in a making CGE board game (listening to the podcast).

Just an FYI, I have a couple games published and do board game design as a hobby. Keep this in mind if you need design help. I can design the game if you guys want.

Here is one of my games:

This isn't my day job, just another obsession....

Take care,

James (RFWarrior)

05-06-13, 01:15
Hmmm, I think with all the listener talent we might get somewhere!

Byte Knight
07-06-13, 03:37
Just finished up the podcast on the drive in to work this morning. Great job as always guys! I especially enjoyed the Jason Scott interview. UK Neil makes a great addition too. Keep up the good work! It's back to audiobooks while commuting until the next episode...

07-06-13, 10:04
Had a good giggle at SoCal's freudian slip, what was it "Hunk Shunt" ;-)

09-06-13, 05:41
Good show as always, guys. I would have liked more UK Neil in there since he was on location during the news.

09-06-13, 09:22
Ha! UKNeil is a bit part actor. OK in small doses.

10-06-13, 05:02
Ha! UKNeil is a bit part actor. OK in small doses.

Your just pissed because he dropped you on your arm. ;)

All Your Base
10-06-13, 09:08
Ha! UKNeil is a bit part actor. OK in small doses.

Yeah. Even I don't like me in large doses.

10-06-13, 09:26
Ha! UKNeil is a bit part actor

That's true, i saw him in a short film the other day along with Scott, UK Mike and Septic Lemon. (i got bord and stopped watching after a few minutes but you guys are all in it pretty early)

http://vimeo.com/67767384 (For something really special go to 3:09... and by special i mean Serial Killer in the wild special)

'Mother Fucker dropped me on my arm yeah!' lol

10-06-13, 03:03
Who's that at 3:09?

10-06-13, 03:29
Who's that at 3:09?

Im not sure who it is mate, someone on here might know but who ever he is, he is acting very strange indeed. lol.

10-06-13, 04:51
Good show this month guys! There was a couple of audio problems don't know if it was on your end or if my phone was being a pain (happens sometimes) But good job. SoCal seems he is still tired from last months top ten!

11-06-13, 09:50
Yeah we had some audio issues.

I had to dash round to UKNeil's to do the top ten at short notice and didn't have my normal setup.

17-06-13, 09:49
I do not rember playing the game with the tiger, but I remember reading about it pretty recently in "Retro Gamer", I have tried to find it in my magazines but no luck so far.

19-06-13, 08:29

Speaking of "Retro Gamer" did you see the latest issue (117) yet SoCal?
Dear lord. ..