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28-05-13, 11:08
Welcome to the first Stalking a Prize competition. the question is simple, Do you want to win a few FREE steam Keys? if YES PLEASE is your answer get yourself ready to enter this competition.

I am offering the STEAM KEYS to these games:


Thomas was Alone, Awesomenauts AND! Awesomenauts Cluck Costume!. To win this set of steam keys you have to take a screen shot of your favourtie MP3 player whilst it is playing the lastest episode of the Stalking the Retro Podcast... i guess its a bonus if you already listen to the awsome podcast and anyone can enter...(Even you Septic). All enteries will be placed into a hat and a video will be made of the name being picked. What have you got to lose (Well maybe your dignity if you get through a full episode) but thats about it.

So what are you waiting for. go to your iTunes and type in Stalking the Retro and your halfway done OR visit this link and begin your decent into Podcast awsomeness.


Or you can even try here, Who ever said i was unhelpfull...


It would be nice to see new members taking part so lets all encourage the new folks in the forum to try this comp... :)

Names will be drawn in the very near future.

29-05-13, 12:03
Here's my Screenshot :)

30-05-13, 12:58
A new game is included in this Prize... Little Inferno Steam Keys along with the games above can be yours if you take part in this competition. :)

04-06-13, 10:18
Its been a week and the Stalking the Prize competition is over. i don't need to make a video as only Scrappy took part... (Crazy people not wanting free steam games...)

Well Done Scrappy! i will email you the codes today mate and well done for listening to Stalking the Retro. :)