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23-05-13, 05:09
I'm sure all you doom fans out there know about this already, but if you haven't checked it out yet it makes doom fun again! I actually played through the whole game again! It changes enough to make the whole experience fresh, but keeps enough in to make it Doom. Check it out!

24-05-13, 12:28
lol I was showing this to VIPP just the other day.

27-05-13, 07:03
Its pretty great. Starting on Doom II with the mod today!

27-05-13, 07:27
Where did you get your copy of doom 2? i need to buy three copies but i want to keep the cost down.

28-05-13, 07:14
Where did you get your copy of doom 2? i need to buy three copies but i want to keep the cost down.

I've had it for quite a few years through Steam most recently.

But all you really need for this MOD was the .WAD files.

28-05-13, 12:32
Awsome! i got a copy of Doom 2 that kerry bought as a part of a set, Scrappy set up a server last night via Skulltag and we were playing for a few hours. Thanks Dhalamar for your help with this. Once i have kerry set up it would be great to hae others join in.

10-06-13, 04:54
Yeah I bought my copies through steam as well they are all in a set for 15 bucks I think great deal! Try out the mod you wont be dissapointed!

08-08-13, 11:42
Hell yeah. Got this game working in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. :D

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15-08-13, 05:02
That's awesome! Hey I'm giving away a steam key for Medal of Honor. First come first serve! Here it be!
R7407-GGEEL-290H0 (If you take it though make sure you reply so people know)

15-08-13, 05:59
Thanks! I activated MOH thanks to Vipp alerting me :).

16-08-13, 04:35
No prob!!!

24-08-13, 06:16
Also have a copy of Metal of Honor on Origin. Here's the key for that!
8EYY-9EZ5-WJQM-3PW3-KRW7 (Same as before, just reply you took the prize if you do)

Dead Space(Origin)

Crysis 2(Origin)

Burnout Paradise(Origin)

24-08-13, 08:52
Bradofosho - it's great that you share your games with the forum, and it's members like you that add to this forum being a fantastic place to be, however buddy if you don't stick your codes onto a JPEG picture you will find lurkers that don't sign up to the forum will take the codes and run. only members can see images so the least someone has to do to receive your codes is be a member. just trying to preserve the good nature of the forum for people who take the time to take part. :)

- Are you in the STR steam group yet buddy? :)

24-08-13, 09:32
Just joined the GameGavel group! Don't know what STR group you are referring to. And yeah never thought of just putting them in a JPEG. And thanks for your kind words!

25-08-13, 11:51
Hi B, the STR steam group is basically an excuse to give folks free steam keys on behalf of the Stalking the Retro podcast. we are on steam also if you ever fancy winning a few games. :)