View Full Version : Why can't the Sega Game Gear have a screen change?

29-04-13, 01:28
The RGR Forum is full of people with brains, from Rocket scientists to Korean console modders, can anyone tell me in laymanís terms why exactly the internet struggles to find a definitive answer to the question...

Can i change the LCD screen on my Game Gear and if not...why not?

I have been into the darkest recesses of the internet and to the bottom of the darkest forum threads and all i can find in a nutshell are people saying SEGA used cheap and tacky parts to make the Game Gear and thatís why the screen is un changeable... but we have put men on the moon... there has to be someone who has a method to change that screen... i need game gear guys please help.

Thanks guys.

29-04-13, 03:23
I believe it uses a special video format that does not lend itself to be easily modded. Here is a link showing someone doing a TV out mod on a Gamegear and installing another screen inside to replace the original one.


29-04-13, 04:22
Only thing I could find isn't a perfect solution, but it's a start:


29-04-13, 10:14
I tinkered with replacing the CCFL backlight with LED's which was relatively successful, but ended up settling with the backlight from a DSi replacement screen, powered through a DC-DC converter, and now the screen has a decent viewing angle, brightness and lasts for around 24 hours on a set of 2800mAh batteries.

If you buy me a beer at revival I can sit down and bore you to death with the various reasons that you can't just switch the screens like the nomad would allow

29-04-13, 11:27
Random Dave you just got yourself a beer. Focus and Diagamblic thank you for your help with this aswell guys i really appriciate it.

29-04-13, 12:49
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