View Full Version : What New PSN games have you recently bought?

27-04-13, 10:33
Hi guys, i have just bought a few games on the PSN, rather than have lots of threads i thought we could update the one thread as and when anyone gets a new game/s.

Yesterday i got -
Afterburner: Climax
Sonic 4 part 2
Oddworld: Strangers Wrath

I have been playing a lot of Afterburner and its brilliant, i can see that eventually it will get boring but at the moment im enjoying it a lot.

Anyone else been buying from the PSN recently?

27-04-13, 11:52
The last one I actually bought was the re-release of Darkstalkers.
I've been adding the free PS+ games to my list in case I want to try those games out. Unfinished Swan isn't too bad to relax with.

30-04-13, 12:37
Guacamelee is what I bought recently. It is a Metroid/Castlevania style game set in Mexico. You are a luchador who has to save El Presidente's Daughter. It is an awesome game and worth everybit of the $15. Also, it is a cross buy and cross save game. It is awesome to be playing on my PS3 and then upload my save to cloud so I can save to my vita for on the go.

12-06-13, 03:30
I've actually been on a PS2 kick lately... and right now it's great because the system and the games are in that period just after discontinuation where damn near EVERYTHING is dirt cheap.

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12-06-13, 03:27
I miss my PS2! I gave it to my my wife's sisters. There are a ton of great games for it. I bought Persona 3 on the PS Store recently and have been playing that a bit lately. And a lot of Pinball arcade on my VITA since it was free.

27-06-13, 12:27
I picked up Papo & Yo a couple of weeks ago but I haven't gotten around to playing it yet. Definitely interested in Guacamelee.