View Full Version : RoundUp Hosts Tattoo Submissions

22-04-13, 07:28
As confirmed in April Live News, the 3 hosts will get a retro gaming tatto, and you have the chance to design it.

Submit your retro gaming related tattoo designs and we will each pick one that we like.

If you incorporate our logo or our character sprites from CGE Adventures http://www.retrogamingroundup.com/cgeadventures then that would make them a bit more unique, but go for it.

See what you can come up with.

23-04-13, 05:48
Lets make this interesting.....

Each host gets their respective CGE Adventures sprite on them. However, make a bet of who gets the most outs in top tens from now to the next CGE. The loser must get the Deaf CD Thief sprite tattooed on them.

22-05-13, 03:09
No other ideas yet? How about the GameGavel logo (although scott would have to replace the Pac-Man with a Space Invader)

24-05-13, 04:24
My wife has joked around getting the Duck Hunt dog standing in the hair down there :)

I want a "exit only" sign on my bum so the doctor does not get any ideas with those fat fingers of his.

but seriously, I will work on something to submit arcadey/retro gaming like :)

All Your Base
29-06-13, 10:19

29-06-13, 11:25
Hmmm, maybe not.

All Your Base
30-06-13, 07:39
I think you are more concerned about how whether your arse would be pixellated forever.