View Full Version : Peggle anyone?

15-04-13, 03:18
I need three of y'all who own Peggle to help me attain a real hard trophy. So who has peggle and who fancies a multy player game next sunday? SoCal are you in? :) It would also be cool to get a skype call going to avoid any headset issues. just a suggestion. :) Focus are you interested in Peggle?

15-04-13, 03:25
I've got peggle on PC and 360. You must have the PS3 one eh?

15-04-13, 03:26
I do mate, it's a good game but im no good at it. the multi player is brilliant.

17-04-13, 09:28
I don't think I can ever express just how much I've always hated that game. lol

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17-04-13, 11:56
once you get used to the idea that it vomits happiness into your living room at a rate of one disturbingly happy animal per 5 mins game play you might be able to get past the pretty colours and classical music to find the game itself is simply a pinball machine without flippers... having said that, the french lobster character does have the special ability to use his claws as flippers... Wow. What a game.

All i have left to say is, you don't like the game but yet we are still here in the same thread discussing the game. Are you sure you Don't want to join me for a game of happy fun time Peggle? Pmls.

17-04-13, 12:23
i like playing while drinking absenthe. the animals start talking to me. that dang owl has a attitude that honks me off

17-04-13, 12:40
Beh, I can get past the graphics (which ARE quite good), I can get past the music... again, quite good. The mechanics and physics are just fine. Graphics, sound, mechanics, there isn't anything wrong.

But it's just so fucking BORING. If I wanna play pinball, I'll just go play pinball. My take on that game ever since the first time I played it when it first came out on the PC is "Boredom, thy name is Peggle."