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03-04-13, 11:56
Hey everyone,
My name is Aaron Hickman and I'm a listener from San Antonio Texas. I've been listening to the show since 2011. Just recently became active on Facebook, the forums, and the last live chat. I love the show, and retro gaming in general! My first computer was an apple IIe clone. First console was an NES followed by an Atari 2600. I used to be a huge collector of various video game systems, but I sold most of it after I got married and had kids to pay bills. Once we buy a house I plan on having a space devoted just to retro games. Arcade cabs, pins, consoles, computers, whatever.

Also, I'm a musician and write music for guitar, piano, and chiptune. You can check out my soundcloud here where I go by the name Never Enough Neckbeard:


Anyways, I'm here for the long haul!

04-04-13, 01:16
Great to have you, I think you will find allot of like minded people in our forums. What clone did you have for the Apple II, I had a Franklin Ace and loved it.

04-04-13, 01:40
Hello and welcome. :)
I do believe that we have also befriended each other on PSN as well.
Would have been around longer for the last live news, but something messed up and I wasn't able to get back to it.

04-04-13, 02:23
Thanks guys.

Scott: It turns out I had an Apple IIc according to an older brother. We had that machine from the time I was 4-9 so some of the details are fuzzy. I recall having Tetris, Batman, Card Sharks, Matterhorn Screamer, Captain Goodnight, Mystery House, a text bases math game in a dungeon? And some resource management game set in a kingdom where you had to keep out rats and feed serfs and control how much grain was produced. Don't rememeber much else. I do recall it looking sonething like this: 1008

Hey Burgertime! We have. I had to miss part of the live news too. I had to drive home from work. Turns out because of some recent changes, I'll be working from home from now, which is great! So I should be able to catch more live news.

04-04-13, 02:58
Welcome and glad to hear you are going to stick around. The more retro gamers the better!

04-04-13, 04:40
I recall a math tutorial program set in a dungeon as well, you had to type in algebra answers as part of the spells or fighting, can't recall.

So I hit youtube and found it.


04-04-13, 03:20
Wow that games looks very familiar Scott! Especially the look of the backgrounds.

Thanks Socal!

After talking to my dad yesterday it sounds like we had a Franklin ACE clone.

Funny how your brain remembers more games. I totally remember having Dogfight now. It was pretty much like Space War! but with planes constantly circling instead of thrust: