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31-03-13, 04:10
So this "really cool" (in the voice of Socal) game Totally Tiny Arcade became free at some point recently and I thought I'd mention it here if you haven't heard of it. I definitely recommend it. It's a nice homage to 80's arcade classics. Of course, since the developer doesn't have the license to games like pac man, or space invaders, they've been renamed in this game and given a twist. You play as a kid named Joy Stick Johnny, and must defeat the Video Virus by playing a few stages of each game in the arcade.When you've cleared most of a row of games, the last game you play in that row makes you face off against the video virus (which looks like a green skull). This game is definitely worth it for the nods to retro gaming, and the love and time put into it. There's some nice bonuses too. Check it out!

So straight from the page:
27 minigames, with over 100 levels
Collect 8-bit treasures in each minigame
Create your own online scoreboard

31-03-13, 02:00