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27-03-13, 03:48
This trailer seems pretty realistic. Damn!


28-03-13, 03:01
I am interested in the title but more for the multi-player part. I played the single player campaign for BF3 a little bit but sunk about 117 hours into the multi-player for the 360.
I wonder which platform this demo was running on because it looks pretty impressive. I would love to play this on a PC just to have more people on the map. Some of the map packs for BF3 (Karkand) seem pretty empty when you only have 16 vs 16 max.

28-03-13, 06:22
Pretty good bet that it's running on PC. And I thought the multiplayer on the consoles was only 24 players.

Regardless, the maps don't seem very empty to me. Mostly because they've been shrunk down a bit due to the smaller amount of players compared to the PC version.

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