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10-03-13, 07:05
So with finally getting a Pandora, I now have the perfect handheld system for retro computer games. I've just pulled down 4 gigs of Commodore 64, 2 gigs of Amiga, 2 gigs of Spectrum, and 4 gigs of DOS games. Any recommendations to start me out?

For those wondering why I didnt do this earlier, I prefer to do all my emulating on handhelds, and wanted something that had a full keyboard if I was going to emulate earlier computers just for ease of use.

11-03-13, 12:51
I can understand wanting a keyboard as i have had a few problems with some emulators finding the alternate keys,(i.e CAPS LOCK = Run/stop on winvice C64 emu) but that is just me not being bothered to read the emulator instructions.
What type of games do you like or are you just looking for all round retro goodness in all genres?

11-03-13, 04:29
I enjoy turn based rpgs, platformers, shooters and some adventure games.

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19-03-13, 09:08
I enjoy turn based rpgs, platformers, shooters and some adventure games.

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I can highly recommend Rex for the Speccy great platform/shooter. Then there's all the usual spectrum suspects:
- Anything by Ultimate up to and including Gunfright.
- Platformers; Chuckie Egg, Manic Miner, Frank ‘n’ Stein
- Shooters: Exolon, Android 2, Krakatoa, RType,
- Arcade adventures: Starquake, Pyjamarama, Skool Daze, Head over Heels
- Adventures: The Lords of Midnight, The Wild Bunch, The Hobbit, Redhawk, Sherlock, anything by Level 9.

I'd guess that the Pandora has a SCUMM VM too so I'd be tempted to try things like Beneath a Steel Sky.

02-04-13, 09:16
ZX Speccy
txt adventures= I could recommend Twin Kingdom Valley and Hobbit
Shooters= Ad-Astra,R-type,Flying Shark,Moon Cresta,Lightforce,Cybernoid,
Platformers= Dynamite Dan,Manic Miner,Jetset Willy,Technician Ted,Turmoil,Knightlore,Alien 8,Bruce Lee,Any Monty Mole game,Booty,Head Over Heels,Nodes Of Yesod,Ark Of Yesod,Chukie EggI/II,Underwurlde,Kokotoni Wilf,Rodland,Karnov,Pajamarama,The Alchemist,Jack The Nipper II,Dan Dare
Turn Based= Lords Of Midnight

Shooters=Menace,SWIV,Project X,X-out,Blood Money,R-type,Side Winder,
Platformers=Flashback,Turican I/II,Leander,James Pond,James Pond II:Robocod,Another World,Gods,Great Giana Sisters,Flood
Adventures=Secret Of Monkey Island

05-05-13, 10:09
On the note of Emulating games, i have been walking through the SMD collection of games on my PSP and i often come aross a great game i haven't played yet. Last night i played a game called Fire Shark. It reminds me of a cross between 1946 and battle squadron. I looked this game up to check out the general asking price and its pretty reasonable so i think i will track this game down and see what it plays like on the Megadrive. Has anyone else played this game before? Also i never remember just how much fun the Micro MAchines games were, i had a lot of gaming time on Micro Machines and even went on to enjoy Re-Volt for the Sega Dreamcast.

SID Kidd64
07-05-13, 09:17
Fire Shark reminds me a lot of the arcade game Flying Shark (which I have as a cabinet) and I really love this game! I'll definatly have to get Fire Shark for my MD collection...thanks for the tip!

07-05-13, 07:29
What is Flying Shark? i cant wait to see images of your man cave Sid Kidd, it sounds brilliant. I love the megadrive and this game is 100% going to be on my to buy list.

SID Kidd64
08-05-13, 06:44
Here is a YT video, mate : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTeALKz1UUY

Pics will be coming...promised :-)!

28-05-13, 07:11
Hi Leathco,
this 2006 article from Wired showcases the 10 most influential Amiga games.
My personal favorites are:
Defender of the Crown
Shadow of the Beast &
Pinball Dreams

but all the games mentioned are gold