View Full Version : PS3 gamers may be out of luck with up coming PS4

05-03-13, 05:48
I was visiting my college today and in the current edition of the student newspaper is an article on the PS4. But according to the article the PS4 will not be backwards compatible with PS3 games in any format except for emulation. It already looks like PS4 owners are going to hack their system to pieces.
Read the whole article here:

05-03-13, 10:34
I'm reducing my spending on downloadable content, i want physical media that i actually own and not rent. I will get a PS4 when they come out but if it doesn't fit my needs i won't keep it.

05-03-13, 10:42
From what I understand the PS4 is not so powerful as to emulate the PS3. Furthermore the PS3s notoriously complicated architecture is going to make it really difficult to emulate.

As I said in another thread, where they really screwed up is with PSN games. They didn't plan ahead when they launched this thing and past purchases wont be accessible for the new machines. Imagine every time you upgraded your iphone or android device having to re-buy all your apps and most of them not being compatible with your new hardware.

I can understand that DISC A only plays on CONSOLE A, but I don't understand why I log on to an online service, the same I used for the last 4-5 years, and my games are not available.

05-03-13, 01:09
Not buying any new hardware, to much retro to keep me entertained :) PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 is where I have stopped buying hardware.

05-03-13, 04:03
Sony have really messed up. I'm hardcore PlayStation and i think my only reason for wanting the PS4 is to check it out but i know my Sony loyalty is pretty much on life support. Focus is right, i might treat myself to a boxed Sega megadrive+MegaCD MK 1 boxed with some games instead of the PS4..

07-03-13, 02:22
Be honest guys, how long is an outdated *insert name out old hardware* really gonna keep you entertained? Once the new hardware comes out eventually you will all cave. As much as I love the old games and hardware, most of the time it is best left to memories.
I won't buy one right away, but, eventually I will have one and I will relive the glory days of skipping school to stay home and play The Legend of Zelda on my NES.

07-03-13, 01:00
i will just go back to pc gaming if i ever (which is highly unlikely) get bored with retro. not buying anything new generation. i passed on the wiiu quite easily and have no desire for one. likewise for the new xbox and ps4

07-03-13, 07:49
I agree with Focus on this one. The more i hear about Sony and the PS4 the more i am put off. I will treat myself to 400 worth of retro games and consoles instead of the PS4, not only will i know what I'm buying and enjoy the titles i get but i also know the goods were built well and they hold value. go and but a new ps3 title on its release day and try to get 50% of the value you paid the very next day from any outlet in the UK. it won't be as easy as you think. Unless its a refund you get.. then that's different.

09-03-13, 11:18
Focus and Vipp I definitely see you points and agree. I really love the old consoles and games as well and will never give them up. I am just looking forward to what will created with this new generation of hardware.