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20-02-13, 04:56
Hey Guys,

My name is Alex Burr, and I am Genesis Does on here, and I'm the Genesis Does who posted the oh so Stetson review of the show on iTunes that So Cal Read in the December episode.

I am an all-gen gamer who prefers games that have a challenge, Sports Games (sorry, Scott. But I do like cars!), and games with an excellent story line or outstanding game play.

I do collect video games for a hobby (when I'm not substitute teaching or working for ExpensiveShack), and I frequently play RGR while I'm slow at work, or driving, or by god actually gaming for a change.

Systems I Own:

Atari 2600 (I have the wood grain 4-switch one and the Darth Vader one)
Sega Master System (I have two of them, and one with 3D glasses with one arm snapped off! ARGH!)
Sega Genesis
Super Nintendo
Nintendo 64
Sony Playstation
Sony Playstation 2
Sony Playstation 3
Xbox (I really want to mod this so bad, if there's a walkthrough available, I would very much love a PM)
Xbox 360
Sega Dreamcast
Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Nintendo GBA SP (the superior model)
Sega Game Gear (with really bad screen fade, and the speakers are blown or otherwise barely working)
Virtual Boy (Legs broken and hastily taped on with awful looking blue tape, but it works!)

I also occasionally write for the staff at Sega-16.com as "The Sports Guy", but I have been so busy and a lot of games I want to review have been reviewed already.


20-02-13, 05:32
Good to see participation in the forums rising, and thank you for the review! There was a guy selling replacement blocks to fix the legs on the VB, I got one and it really does work well. I think they were for sale on planetVB. If you don't already have one, I strongly suggest the Flash Boy clone cart!

20-02-13, 05:49
vid on the stand repair with link in show notes to where to buy them.


20-02-13, 06:31
Xbox (I really want to mod this so bad, if there's a walkthrough available, I would very much love a PM)

Hi GD Welcome to the forum, im unsure how to play sports games but always likes the idea of playing ice hockey on the sega megadrive. I have never actually seen any one single sport game from start to finnish so sports are not my thing and i have never really understood how they can be played on the small screen, they look more confusing on the megadrive than they do in real life? Maybe you can point out a good ice hockey game for the megadrive and i will give it ago?

Also on your Xbox question i would point your PM's to Uk Mike and Indie souel on the forums, between them anything can be done. in my opinion thought your much better off modding a Wii and playing the emulators on a classin wii controller they are much better and the SNES emulators can be played with ease.


27-02-13, 02:30
Well, the consensus of the best hockey game on the Genesis is NHL '94. They made it for both Genesis and one with real sound effects and better music and some FMV for the Sega CD. Both versions are the same core game play though the sounds are more realistic on CD. Also on CD they have cool team introductions with hot and cold players, ala the Genesis, but with speech from Ron Barr (who was the voice of EA Sports in the 16 Bit Glory Days).

However, I very much prefer NHL '96. A) Because the game play is smoother, and B) Because my team, the Detroit Red Wings' Captain, Steve Yzerman (longest serving captain in the NHL (and for you UK people, it's just like "football" with the arm band, except they wear a "C" on the upper part of their uniform (picture: http://www.examiner.com/images/blog/replicate/EXID23982/images/wide_061226_yzerman.jpg) is on the cover.

It's quite simple, really. A is to clear the puck (think clearing kicks in "football), or to change lines. B is to pass the puck/change players and C is shoot/check players. Checking is like tackling in soccer, and there are many similar fouls such as tripping, hooking with the stick, roughing, cross checking, et cetera.

They're among my favorite games of all time, mainly because I am unstoppable at them, haha. I have probably played ~700 games between the both games. Purists like '96, gaming magazines and the general consensus prefer '94.

I say they're all at least decent, but the oldest ones are antiquated, and have flaws that are annoying (that they fix in the later ones).

27-02-13, 03:53
A lot of that made sense and i will see if i can pick up the two games to have a play, anything football related is beyond my intelligence and interest, if i see footballs i feel ill let along the idea of wanting to spend money watching men kick them... lol even hearing me say them words as i type them sound insane, why people watch football is beyond me. but i do love video games and you have given me enough info to make me want to give these ago, also i might see if my fiancee will take me to see the local team play 'The Nottingham Panthers' it sounds and looks great. I like to see the videos were people wind up hockey players and the players slide the puck into the air and smash the glass, that's just brilliant.

Thanks for the reply GD i really appreciate it.

02-03-13, 08:20
Welcome to RGR Alex