View Full Version : Larry The Lander CGC 2013 entry

18-02-13, 01:21
Hi fellow retronites
At the moment the Cr*ap Games Competition 2013 (CGC) (http://www.csscgc2013.blogspot.co.uk/)
is in full swing and i have just submitted my own entry `Larry The Lander` which i would like to offer to members here if you have a few spare minutes to whitle away playing something and are able to play Spectrum games through emulators such as ZXSPIN (http://www.jammajup.co.uk/purple-unicorn-software/ZXSPIN.zip).
Please download and read the instructions before playing -
Larry-The-Lander Game (http://www.jammajup.co.uk/larry-the-lander/LARRY-THE-LANDER.tap)
Instructions (http://www.jammajup.co.uk/larry-the-lander/Larry-The-Lander-Instructions.txt).
The game is tough but can be completed in 6+mins once the attack patterns are memorized and you kill the boss on level 4 quickly.If you prefer to watch then a vid of me completing the game is here - Larry The Lander on Youtube (http://youtu.be/LJpaAIru_Mw)