View Full Version : Need some people to test out a contest idea :)

17-02-13, 11:13
I just created a Ustream account

And need some people to do a "mini contest" with me so I can try it out.

What I plan on doing is live stream a game I will play for the contest. Before I do the live stream part, I would ask that people participating try to guess how high of a score I will get to. Whoever is the closest to the final score I get wins the prize!.

for this test run, I will offer up a Nintendo NES RC Pro Am cart.

Let me know if anyone is interested in doing this and I will set up a event to try it out.

18-02-13, 05:19
here is my ustream channel. I plan on streaming a game soon for a contest


18-02-13, 09:29
You can count me in buddy, im good for most evenings except wed,thur,fri. Usually im in with my pipe and slippers. Also i have seen that prise table and its pretty sweet.

Jon Osorio
18-02-13, 09:46
Sounds like fun!

18-02-13, 11:11
I am thinking of doing the dry run this Saturday evening 2/23/13 at around 8pm. What game would you like to see me play for your guys to win? Here is the list I can offer one up as a prize to whoever can guess high how I will score on it :).

Atari 2600 - Frogger
Atari 2600 - Carnival
NES - Burgertime

I am not able to put a poll on this thread, dang! so just say what game you would like for me to play, the one with the most mentions by Saturday evening will be the one I play for the Livestream contest :) When picking a game, also say what you think I will score on it.

I am also considering on setting up a PS3 livestream worms session as well in the future where I get hammered while playing :)