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Chris Jennings
07-02-13, 09:29
Hello everyone, just discovered the site, the show, and the three hosts....

Really wanting to get back into Retro Gaming now, have owned and sold, NES, SNES, Amiga, Wii's 2600, etc etc...

Still have the Speccies fortunately :)

Emulation all the way now I'm afraid.

However as a long time Lego builder thought I'd start on this lot:


However naturally this being retro gaming, I give you - Sub-Hunter Three:


Cheers everyone

Chris - aged 40, two kids, married and stuff.....

07-02-13, 10:42
Hey Chris,

Welcome. Glad you found us and that you are enjoying the podcast. We have a great forum with lots of retro and current generation gaming talk. Hope you are a regular around here!

08-02-13, 09:28
Sweet jesus that lego room is brilliant. My Fiancee is still erecting the mines of moria LotR Set and that is brilliant. You need to make your Lego arcade your profile picture mate it is brilliant.

08-02-13, 12:26
Yorkshire rules!

08-02-13, 01:33
Welcome Chris
Speccies = Yay! :)

08-02-13, 06:00
Yorkshire rules!

Fuck off!

16-02-13, 01:16
+1 for Yorkshire!