View Full Version : Virtual Boy ressurected!!!

01-02-13, 10:34
Yayyy, I got the defective virtual boy I picked up a few weeks ago working again!

Now just have to find a stand and a battery pack for it (had to use my pack from my virtual boy to test this thing :) )

All that was wrong was a loose ribbon cable going to the left LED strip. A little heat from a solder gun on the strip to reflow the solder and voila! it works again. Been playing Mario Clash!

now have to decide whether to use it as a prize or put it up on the gavel to raise some funds for other prizes for the show........


02-02-13, 12:11
Thats a nice easy fix. Well once diagnosed of course.

I only played a Virtual Boy once for about 30 minutes and I felt sick. Would like to own one though.

02-02-13, 03:22
I just got a virtual boy last month. I lucked out and got it complete with 4 games, the stand, the AC adaptor, controller, the whole nine yards. I'll end up buying the other 10 games released for it, its a unique system I actually kinda enjoy.

02-02-13, 04:21
I've had my Virtual Boy since they were dropped to about $20 and the games were $5-10 each.
This is a system (along with the Intellivision) that I'd like to get all the domestic games released for it. Right now I'm sitting at 9 games owned for it.
3-D Tetris
Mario Clash
Mario's Tennis
Panic Bomber
Red Alarm
Vertical Force
Virtual Boy Wario Land

Also need to get a new stand, or see if I can get mine fixed. The upside down triangle piece below the grip that latches onto the system has a crack.

02-02-13, 01:38
you need one of these to fix the stand for good

05-02-13, 06:50
here is the repair vid


05-02-13, 08:58
Fantastically underrated console. Would never part with my NIB system :)

16-02-13, 01:31
I regret passing it up when there were stacks of them getting marked down to nothing. I did end up getting one recently though, the Flashboy clone cart is a must have tool for any owner.

16-02-13, 04:21
I need to get me a flashboy cart....

17-02-13, 07:09
fixed my stand!