View Full Version : Did anyone else have a love for this game...

20-01-13, 09:13

I do not know why but I absolutely loved this game as a kid. I can still remember it being the only disk that stopped working that I actually mailed off for a replacement. The original Sims!

21-01-13, 03:09
I love that is was an Activision/David Crane game. But sadly, I never played it.

21-01-13, 03:41
Yep, I had it back in the day. spent hours playing it!

21-01-13, 11:08
I don't think I've never touched a C64, not even in emulation. Sadly I haven't played this game.

22-01-13, 02:27
Yup, played the crap outta it on my C64.

Green Bert
25-01-13, 07:43
In 1987 I spent hours and hours playing this on my Commodore 64 until I stopped, when I realised it was totally pointless.

Gordon Bennett
26-01-13, 07:37
Oh yes. That one was one of my favourites on the C64 and helped to nurture an interest in the strange and unusual in games that I still have today. I loved my wee Pet Person.

SID Kidd64
27-01-13, 12:55
I still have my original tape version of it but sadly it won't load up anymore. Although I never really understood it as a kid...but I just loved it and killed hours with it. There was another similar weird game back then: "Alter Ego"...it came on six (!!!) double sided disks...