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19-01-13, 05:10

If you have an Android phone you NEED to get one of these. Got one for my Samsung Galaxy SIII and it just works.

It balances the phone at just the right point to where you don't feel the weight of the phone at all. I haven't touched my 3DS since I got it.

In my opinion it makes a high end Android phone the best mobile retro emulation solution out there.

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19-01-13, 03:20
That looks really cool - I may need to pick one of these up when I upgrade my phone. Shame the compatibility isn't higher tho.

19-01-13, 05:26
He sells a universal one that bonds to any generic hardcase for any phone. Also as far as using a plug n play cable, if you root your phone you can use the six axis controller app to use the controller wirelessly. So even if your Android doesnt support USB devices you can still do that.

Thats how I do it so I can plug in my charger while playing. The only downside is that the PS3 controller requires a data link over usb to charge so you just can't plug it into the wall to charge it.

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