View Full Version : Amiga and ZX Spectrum Screenshot Challenges!

18-01-13, 11:05
I've created some screenshot challenge quiz games:

Amiga Screenshot Challenge (http://www.starfieldsoftware.co.uk/Games/Amiga/Amiga-Screenshot-Challenge.aspx)
ZX Spectrum Screenshot Challenge (http://www.starfieldsoftware.co.uk/Games/ZX-Spectrum/ZX-Spectrum-Screenshot-Challenge.aspx)

Reply with your scores. :STM
Also what system would you like to see covered next?

18-01-13, 12:42
I am pretty good with Amiga and especially Speccy games ,the problem i have with that quiz is that as its multiple choice people can just google each game title to find the match and get a perfect score lol

18-01-13, 02:38
It's only for fun! There's no $1,000,000 grand prize... well not that I'm aware of.

Maybe I should introduce a timer?

18-01-13, 03:37
This is fun Quantum great work!

18-01-13, 07:42
I did the Amiga one real quick and no cheatin and got 77 right. Too many RPG-ish games that I just had no clue about :)

Green Bert
18-01-13, 09:47
57/90 for the Spectrum Challenge. Lots of games there that I've never seen before.

18-01-13, 10:54
I managed 61 with some lucky guesses.

19-01-13, 03:34
53 for me on the Speccy ones... loads I hadn't seen or were very similar to other games.

Total score 130.

20-01-13, 01:58
69 on the Amiga Games
To be honest there were a bunch of screenshots with the name of the game but still...

SID Kidd64
20-01-13, 10:58
just did the Amiga one...89 on those :)

21-01-13, 01:53
I've just added a new Megadrive / Genesis screenshot quiz (http://www.gamegavel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6341&p=38078)