View Full Version : New Tandy Website

16-01-13, 02:24
Looking for other people interested in making a new Tandy website. All of the websites on the web haven't been updated in 10 years and are dead. I would like to make a new one with a forum. I have already bought a URL just looking for some help.

17-01-13, 06:14
Sounds quite interesting,i guess there is not a lot happening in the Tandy retro scene for the other websites to report except maybe a little game emulation.
I used to work in their repair centre here in the UK as a trainee engineer from around 94-97,repaired a few retro machines like Atari St,Amiga,Amiga CD32 and the odd Speccy and C64

18-01-13, 02:01
I'm really looking for someone else that has more time to work on the site