View Full Version : FREE PSN GAME: Jet Pack Joyride (Includes Trophys)

15-01-13, 12:05
Hi guys,

Some of you may know Jet Pack Joyride from the App store on your apple products; you take control of Barry, a Jet Pack Propelled hero on a mission to descend as far as possible into the enemy base.

You can upgrade this character with all sorts of gadgets from coin magnets to steam powered jet packs. Avoid zappers, missiles and scientists as you aim to achieve a top score and collect gold coins to buy more goods with. The bonus to this game is not only that it is free but it comes with trophies also. What are you waiting for? Drop me a message below if you play this game and enjoyed it.


15-01-13, 02:20
It is a lot of fun, I love the motorcycle. I got it on my Vita, but, I need to put on my PS3 also.

15-01-13, 03:23
I agree, i enjoy the profit bird and the christmas tree jet pack. lol

13-03-13, 09:48
Simple, but great game - my daughter plays it on my phone, and now on the PS3!

13-03-13, 11:03
It really is a great little game, to support Half Brick i bought the x2 Coin duplicator add-on for a few quid.