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12-01-13, 01:54
Just gave in to the modern world and got myself a 360 and a few games that I randomly picked off the shelves of Game.

Just wondered why there's an Atari logo on Ghostbusters?

12-01-13, 09:18
Should have built a gaming PC.

Better investment IMO, no need for pay for online gaming, unless you're playing an MMO.

That and Atari published the Ghostbusters game.

13-01-13, 12:13
I have a half decent PC but i like my gaming to be separate. Otherwise I'd never leave my desk :-)

Actually loving the 360 so far although the first thing I played was Jet Set Willy off of live.

13-01-13, 12:17
first thing I played was Jet Set Willy off of live.

Spend 200 something on a 7 year old console, play 80s games on it that you can play on PC for free! lmao!

As a recommendation, download Fez and Super Meat Boy.

13-01-13, 12:34
Yeah, they're on my list after seeing Indie Game Movie.

I have played some new(ish) games today too :-)

Lego lord of the rings
Lost - The Videogame
RayMan Origins

13-01-13, 01:08
Lost? Urgh... from what I've seen from videos on Youtube it's a very broken adventure game.... Just like how the TV show is broken too!

Blur, personally I found Split/Second to be a better game in my opinion.

I would try and recommend disc based games, but as they're on Steam, it's really hard to mention one without using the word "It's cheaper and better on Steam".

Although... staring at my 360 collection, few games worth it on the 360, there's Lost Odyssey, a Great Japanese RPG by Mist Walker that reduces the typical Final Fantasy Drama-llama moments and provides a solid plot with descent gameplay. There's Beautiful Katamari, you can't beat Katamari, regardless of what system it's on, well maybe it's first game on the iPhone, lol. Then there's Bayonetta, a fantastic brawler featuring a sexy witch who doesn't just duel wield some beefy looking purple painted guns, but she has stilettos with guns for heals! Made by the guy who did the Devil May Cry series just as he lost his job from Capcom, there's going to be a sequel on the WiiU. And there's Earth Defence Force 2017, possibly the best worst looking game on the 360. It pretty much uses PS2 graphics, but the reason for this is that there's Thousands of enemies on the screen at once! It's absolutely mad!

13-01-13, 01:23
I would second the super meat boy game, it is brilliant. If you fancy wondering around a nice looking game with an easy pace give just cause 2 a try, i wouldnt pay more than 5 for a second hand copy but i like the game. My only question is why Xbox? i really don't understand why people buy the xbox, Microsoft realy do love to milk every cent out of you. I hear Xbox live also has duke nukem 3d :)

13-01-13, 01:49
I am addicted to the Halo Series :)

13-01-13, 04:21
Rayman Origins is real good!

Yeah, they're on my list after seeing Indie Game Movie.

I have played some new(ish) games today too :-)

Lego lord of the rings
Lost - The Videogame
RayMan Origins

13-01-13, 10:21
My only question is why Xbox?

Just fancied one really, it's actually quite cool playing in front of the big tv with 1080p and Dolby Digital etc..

Really enjoying Ghostbusters, it gets pretty atmospheric once you start roaming around on your own searching for Ghosts, plus it's got the original cast doing the voices.

Quite like the whole social side too, I'm 'theBritishIBM' if anyone wants to add me.

13-01-13, 06:28
Rayman Origins is real good!

You mean "Really Cool...." don't you Socal, lol!

13-01-13, 08:25
Lol, that to me is ridiculous!

Skyrim is also class, I've just spent the bulk the day playing it. My back hurts and I'm hungry now so having a cheeky breather and some dinner.

24-01-13, 04:57
I bought a 360 as PC gaming became too unreliable. You buy a triple AAA title you really want to play and you have no idea if it is going to work or not. You have no idea what the perfomance is going to be like. You keep buying new sound cards and graphics cards to try and make your PC more compatible with the latest drivers and games. But then some of the older games just randomly crash mid game. It was a nightmare. I spent more time messing around with cards and drivers instead of playing the actual games !

So now I just play indie games on the PC, you can always trust them to work!

It is also really easy to rent 360 games.

I have really enjoyed these ones on the 360...

The genesis/megadrive collection
I really got totally hooked by skyrim
Batman arkham asylum looks amazing
Deus Ex human revolution
dead rising 2
marvel ultimate alliance
fable 2 & 3
star wars force unleashed
pacman championship edition
crackdown 1

I found halo 3 a bit boring, gears of war I could not even get past the tutorial I just die, duke nuken forever starts with a pee and a boss battle and I can't get past the boss battle ! Just Cause 2 seemed fun but I did not get very far. Call Of Duty Black Ops was OK, had some spectacular set pieces but I had no idea what was going on half the time.

11-02-13, 05:46
Something about the Xbox that I wasn't expecting was the community aspect being a really positive thing. I like seeing who is online and what they are playing, I like comparing achievements and checking high scores on Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA). I don't have a WiiU but have the other big 3, and I think the Xbox does the best job of brining players together both in and especially out of game.

"Gameroom" is worth checking out and there are several on these boards that will play challenges. There are some nice arcade re-dos and conversions like XMen, Final Fight, and Outrun that are pretty fun with the online leaderboards and drop-in options. Others too. . .

A game you can get really cheap now from the early days of the console that is really great is Mass Effect. I'm sure you've heard of it - right?. This is available for PS3 and PC now, but the game is ubiquitous on 360 and you should check it out.

I think my favorite XBLA game is Tomb Raider GOL - also not exclusive but great.

11-02-13, 11:23
Not actually heard of Mass Effect, might have to give it a go if I can pull myself away from Skyrim for long enough.

Yeah, the social thing is cool and definitely going to give the game room a try.

Jon Osorio
14-02-13, 04:38
Hey hear are a few games I recommend:

Halo (all games)
Dead rising
Left for dead
Lost Odyssey
Fable 2&3
Dragon age
Scott pilgrim
The walking dead

21-04-13, 04:10
I remember Shadow Complex being a REALLY good game.

Ignore Left 4 Dead 1 OR 2 for the 360. Get L4D2 for the PC instead. Free DLC, all the maps and characters from the first one and hundreds, maybe even thousands of usermade maps, campaigns, mods, skins, weapons, you name it. In fact, ignore ANY Valve game on the consoles. It's just not worth it. lol

It's not that they're bad ports, they're EXCELLENT ports. Just a better deal on the PC by a LOT.

If you want Read Dead Redemption though... I stumbled across my copy of it today. It's in an Undead Nightmare case or whatever, but the disc looks alright. So if you want it just shoot me a PM with your address or whatever and I'll ship it off eventually. lol

23-04-13, 02:00
Still completely into Skyrim, interspersed with a bit of indie gaming.

23-04-13, 04:06
I've got Skyrim for 360. Just haven't played it yet. I'm playing through Mass Effect since I've had it for about 6 years and have never played it. Great game!

24-04-13, 10:40
trying to think of the xbox360 exclusive stuff that i could recommend and i'm struggling a little

umm, Shadow Complex, Geometry Wars 2, Hexic HD, Dead Rising, SPACE GIRAFFE (nearly forgot that somehow), Viva Pinata

and the multiplatform stuff
Deadly Premonition, Catherine, El Shaddai, Bayonetta, Lollipop Chainsaw, Shadows of the Damned, Super Meat Boy, After Burner Climax, Alpha Protocol, Child of Eden

24-04-13, 09:29
Grab Monaco and Spelunky if you can. Heard they are fantastic multipayer party games! Need to pick them up myself. I can also vouch for how great Shadow Complex was. And you can't go wrong with Minecraft (if you don't have it on PC).

Don't forget the XBLIG section - there some fantastic indie games in there, like qrth-phyl (a really crazy snake type game), Vidiot Game, Evil Quest, Cthulu Saves the World, Breath of Death 7, Penny Arcade 3, Escape Goat, the Arkedo series (really fun old school arcadey games), Shoot 1up, Flotilla, The TEMPURA of the DEAD, Leave Home, Tobe's Vertical Adventure etc...