View Full Version : Free Game For 3DSXL Owners in Europe

03-01-13, 12:45
Evening Folks,

Just taken advantage of this offer from Nintendo to get a free download of Professor Layton from the Nintendo eShop - anyone in the EU who has bought a 3DSXL and registered it with Club Nintendo can get a choice of 1 from 5 games free. It needs to be a 3DSXL, and can have been bought any time since release, standalone or as part of a hardware bundle. The games in question are:

Super Mario 3D Land
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
Freakyforms Deluxe
New Art Academy
New Style Boutique

If you've already registered your 3DSXL then it's tricky to find the offer, you need to log in to Club Nintendo and go to the My Account section, and then click the > to the right of the picture near the top of the screen to scroll through the ads until you find the ad inviting you to select a game.

Those who haven't registered yet, if you register the console with the PIN on the red card that comes with the console and games, then an ad banner should appear after you've completed registration prompting you to pick a game.

You need to have your 3DSXL registered and have selected your game by January 15th to qualify, and when the code is emailed to you by Nintendo, it must be redeemed by January 31st or it'll expire.