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01-01-13, 05:23
Hey all, long time listener of the brilliant podcast and thought it be about time i hooked up to this great retro site, liveing up at Newcastle just off the coast, had many arcade cabs overs the years and just a big retro nut al round cheers


01-01-13, 12:16
Hi George and welcome,another retro nut eh? you have come to the right place.

01-01-13, 01:22
Hi George, Do you stil have any cabs? i would love a space harrier cab and a house of the dead 2. i had three but had no space for them in the move so i had to see them go. Welcome to the forum. And a happy new year to you also.

01-01-13, 10:52
Hi all :) well i just had to sell my full size Crazy Taxi in the summer the mrs was just sick of it in the kitchen, i thought it looked well cool aswell women tsk no taste sometimes ;) back in 96-97 2 of my mates had an indie Arcade in newcastle called The Point and had many a free credit in there i kid you not, always on the lookout though albeit a smaller cab to keep her indoors happy haha

02-01-13, 12:52
That sounds amazing. I only have a few memories of getting to go into a full arcade with a full set of cabinets however they were second rate games and mostly 2p machines. I have played on an original Space Harrier, it was a sit down cabinet i loved it so much. I also got the chance to play an original Asteriods at Play Expo and that was so vivid and crisp i was glued to it. The bullets were bright white with a blue flare. I also want an indoor cabinet again but a home made priject for me.

03-01-13, 12:56
Hey George! I'm from your neck of the woods too, more or less. North end of Co Durham. Lots of happy memories of gaming in and around Newcastle and the coastal arcades during the 70s and 80s. Welcome!