View Full Version : Golden Axe Online Anyone?

30-12-12, 12:44
I own the original golden axe PSN game and would like to complete it co-op with someone, does anyone own this game and fancy a game with me?


30-12-12, 03:43
I have it, that would be cool to do. I used to play co-op with my wife back in the day when this came out. We were able to play through the entire game without dying once! The same with Golden Axe II. We played it way to much :)

30-12-12, 11:03
Nice, Im not sure i could beat the game without dying but i do love it so im sure we could get to the end. Let me know when your free Focus. I have a meal today to atend but after that im free to play online so i will be around from about 6pm GMT. Also if you don't have to rush we could play some worms after?

30-12-12, 02:42
sounds good! See you after 6pm GMT your time.