View Full Version : 45 copies of Black ops 2 in cex

17-12-12, 12:53
Hi peeps
I have just been browsing for xmas presents in my local CEX store here in the UK and i stood there and counted 45 second hand copies of the new Black Ops 2 on a shelf at 35 each.
This seems a little excessive in number of used copies to say the least,i know it is quite a new game but as i used to be a games trader i can tell you now i would of started turning people away after around 10-12 copies were on my shelves.
As a full retro gamer i have little interest in the game so i am going to ask here,what is about this game for so many 2H copies to be available? is bug ridden,boring,or too easy to complete or just trash?

17-12-12, 05:53
Boring, Generic, Over Produced, Midless pap. oh and when they had burned out on un original pap they decided to throw a few zombies in the pit to try and keep it afloat..... then that also became quite boring. Having said that, i am a retro gamer at heart so i might not be the best to comment.

17-12-12, 07:10
I have to admit i have no knowledge of B`ops but i have played COD MW3 and COD 3 because i prefer WWII,i guess i just got curious with all the hype and i swear to you as i played MW3 it was almost like my brain receptors started to switch off while i was playing.I completed the regular game in just over 4 Hrs and i know there are things to unlock and that but i ain`t interested in that tosh just the main game,it felt real but not in a positive way as i felt like i was just staring into space with all the mindless shooting and bodies everywhere and i remember after the 4 Hrs thinking ....sh*t man that was completely shallow and violent am i going to get PTSD from this lol.
I guess these COD games are mostly designed for multiplayer,before i got rid of my next gen machines some years back i remember having a better time on games like Resistance 2,Far Cry 2,Crysis,and Bio shock-much better game structure in my opinion.