View Full Version : help needed: Apple IIc doesn't work anymore!

SID Kidd64
10-12-12, 09:06
Hey guys,

I definatly need some help with this. I got an Apple IIc system which stopped working from one day to the other. I got it from a friend who found it while moving from one house to the other and he said he plugged it in and it was working. So I took it home, being so glad to have another great piece of computing history, but that damn thing doesn't work anymore. I get a screen with messed up characters, thats it...
I did a search via Google and found some info on it- so I disassembled the whole thing, replugged all chips but still the same messed up screen.
Anybody on here who might help? I dunno anything on old Apple systems - as mentioned in other posts before...I got raised on a Commodore ;) but I know how to hold a screwdriver and a soldering iron ;) so this cannot be Impossible Mission IIc :D