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SID Kidd64
09-12-12, 11:23
Hey fellas,

so finally I found the time to put this down, but first off a huge T H A N K Y O U to the whole staff of RGR!
Scott, SoCal and UK Mike you do more than just a great job! This podcast is definatly my favorite - besides a few german ones. Your show is the best around - almost more than 6 hours every month, packed with a great sense of humor and also the depth of the topics! Can't be better - especially the fact that we as the listeners can join into the upcoming episode by being part of the live news and give our two cents onto topics - no other podcast does that!

So I said to myself, you guys just spend so much time doing this - it's time for a little payback and let you know who I am and what keeps me up with retro stuff.

I am "SID Kidd64" or Danny from Bremen, North Germany. If you are not straight edge, you probably heard of my hometown. It's most famous export is Becks beer and and our citys name "Bremen" is printed on the label. The computer world kicked into my early youth (1987) and as most of my friends I owned a C64, later on an Acorn Archimedes and then I got my first 286 PC. I played mainly games but also did some MOD tunes and took part of the demo/BBS scene until mid 90s. Then the internet kicked in and I moved along from being the geek to be more of a regular user. I worked for a music magazine and did one of the first email interviews with various bands. That passion also lead me to my later profession as being tour manager for several bands, roaming around the globe.

But let's look back at my gaming history: as time went by I realized I missed gaming like in the old days. I guess it was around 1996 (when the first Commodore emulators were properly working) that I got my C64 on my desk again. I soldered a transfer cable so I could read/write to a 1541 that was attached to my PC and started to backup all of my old disks to my harddrive and then burn them on a CD. The internet retro community started to grow and I expanded my collection with several systems like the 8 and 16 Bit consoles from Sega and Nintendo. That totally relight my fire and the hobby moved further to passion. My collection grew to an Atari2600 and 7800, Amiga 500, 2000, 1200 and CD32, several C64 systems, one C128 desktop, Nintendo NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, GB classic, GB color, GB SP, DSlite, Sega Master System I & II, Mega Drive I & II, GameGear, Dreamcast, Sony PS, PSP fat, Vita and PS3 fat, Xbox and Xbox360, as well as shitloads of hardware and original software for all systems. I play actual games mainly on my 360 and at least one classic system is also always hooked up. I love Nintendos cute jump'n run/platformer titles, Sega is just killing it when it comes to action games and Atari's classic systems are just amazing - it was such a big step into home entertainment! Honestly, I never liked the Pong clones - they were as useless as a test pattern generator to me - don't get me wrong, I am aware of what a big step it was to get "control of the tv program at home", but they put just four white bars and and a bouncing white block on the screen and then they said "Look!!!! It's soccer"...naah buddy...not for me :)! I love my old vice - killing hours with R.Type on the MasterSystem, spending a weekend in the world of FF7 or finally finishing a Turrican title on one of my Commodores. Of course all classic systems are hooked up to a tube TV or old school monitor. I tried all of my classic systems also on my 42" tv but those missing scan Lines kill a lot of the old graphics. Lately I expanded my collection with two jamma arcade cabs (Flying Shark/80in1 classic horizontal games (Pac Man, Dig Dug etc.)). Well I guess, thats about my gaming passion...maybe just as a footnote: a pinball will be a must sooner or later ;)

But what about retro computing? My C64 was and is still my all time favorite system. It is just amazing that this system still finds companies and development teams that are far beyond from just "keeping up with the commodore" ;) I already talked in my very first post about the Turbo Chameleon64 cartridge (FPGA based) which is just the best thing that can happen to a real C64 geek. But more on this at the end of this intro. My other system that is constantly wired is my A1200. I upgraded the Amiga with a turbo card, ethernet interface and 8 gig CF card. Just in November I did a full reinstallation to have a BBS software running which can be reached via telnet. The technical side works brilliant, I just havn't found the time yet to get rid of the template BBS system and have my own one running. Just drawing custom ANSI menus will take me days ;) Anyway I am using it lately to compare games, demos etc. from being run on an original system to the TC64, since that FPGA can be also used as an Amiga (Minimig core).

As you can tell, just collecting old games 'n stuff is just not enough for me - I guess for most of you as well ;) Especially when you found out you are not the only weirdo being stuck in the retroverse and also on the outlook of having still brand new games and hardware for old systems. The only bad thing about it? Nothing! I think we have a great community out there and we need people like Scott, Socal and UK Mike who are straight up and not too lazy to just scratch the surface of a subject. I'm also working on a TC64 fanpage with lots of videos of that cool device, but unfortunatelly the game called real life can be sometimes a bitch and cross through your plans. I really hope to get soon some interesting stuff online...well, I will definatly let you all know.

Alright, I guess thats it....for now! :D

SID Kidd64 aka Danny

10-12-12, 04:59
Welcome to the show Danny, I know Bremen well and have made a few trips there. I used to live in rheinland pfalz and I really want to come over (as a show) and set up a booth at an event in Germany. What german podcasts do you suggest, any good C64 stuff? Once you get your BBS up you will have to post the address.

Also, who have you tour managed for? Please say Nena, please say Nena, please say Nena, please say Nena.........

SID Kidd64
10-12-12, 07:20
Guten Abend Scott,
yeah I remember you mentioning having been stationed in the Frankfurt area and also something about your wife being from Berlin?! Berlin is just great, I also lived/had a flat in Kreuzberg for almost 7 years. Cool that you've been to Bremen! That was always my struggle when explaining to US bands where I live...of course everybody knew Becks, but when speaking about North Germany everybody just seem to know Hamburg.

I'm glad you said Nena and not "the Hoff" :D, but that's not even an inch towards the bands I used to work with. If you really want to know some names I used to work with, you better think of heavy distorted guitars 'n stuff...
Ok, ok, ok,ok ok, I will mention a few names some of you might know: Napalm Death (UK), Cock Sparrer (UK), 7Seconds (US), Hatebreed (US), Agnostic Front (US), Cro-Mags(US), Evergreen Terrace (US), Walls Of Jericho (US), Madball (US), Sick Of It All (US), As I lay Dying (US) and Moonspell (Portugal)...so basically most of them metal/hardcore/punk stuff. There are way more to mention but those are the most popular names that just popped up in my head.

Unfortunatelly I havn't been to any german retro/demo scene event since ages (2000). I had also planned to go to play expo in the UK, but finally had to cancel the trip due to shitloads of work. Well maybe next year... Since I'm based outta the event & show business I was already thinking about doing some old school party in Bremen, well we'll see. About the podcasts...well check the forum ;), I will do a seperate thread on that.


10-12-12, 07:33
I have some pretty broad musical tastes, sometimes I will throw on some opera cranked up when taking the Fbomb out for a drive, always stuff like Buffett, Kiss, and Nena, and also a big fan of Pantera, Slayer etc. But very serious about Nena, I went over to see her big anniversary show and am a huge fan.

SID Kidd64
10-12-12, 08:34
I love everything in music that has a soul. Doesnt matter if handmade or just electric. Stuff like "Gangnam Style" or Biebers "Baby" just makes me wanna hurt people. Thats not music, it's just disgusting.

Nena is really one of the outstanding german artists. I like her way better than Tote Hosen or Scorpions! Oh yeah Slayer...well I never worked for them but we know each otherl. Speaking off the bay area bands: Exodus and Machine Head are also good buddies. Pantera were really nice guys, I had some good nights with Dimebag Darrel (R.I.P brother!)