View Full Version : GameGavel/RetroGaming Roundup Left 4 Dead game night.

06-12-12, 02:00
Ok, so I reinstalled Left 4 Dead on my PC, and I fancy a good co-op game of L4D.

So who's up and what would be a good time to play?

If you haven't add me on Steam yet, my Steam name is SgtSepticLemon.

06-12-12, 05:39
Steam are selling Left 4 dead 1 and 2 for 5.75. So count me in as i just bought it. Im free to play from around 6pm on Saturday.

07-12-12, 12:09
I will probably be drunk :) but I could try to play saturday evening :)

07-12-12, 03:09
I'll have to reinstall it but I might join in Sunday

07-12-12, 10:16
Focusrs PLEASE play drunken with us! your seriously funny on STR when drunk. if we do play together we should skype at the same time so i can hear your drunken rants. Also it's funny to hear Septic say 'He is tanked' lol. Septic you might be able to record it as a special edition or STR.

07-12-12, 01:23
Actually we are setting a plan in motion right now and if it works out there will be a very special episode of STR for your Christmas stockings. If not forget I said anything. LOL

07-12-12, 06:07
Nice. Im looking forward to that.