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01-12-12, 04:26
Morning (at least it is here)

I'm Armando (emergencybrake) and thought it was time to come in here and participate. I am a listener of Retro Arcade Radio and discovered the podcast through there.
Been playing games for as long as I can remember. Grew up in the arcades at the tail end of the golden age. You couldnt give me a quarter to hold on to as I would try to find the closest arcade machine to put it into. Growing up I split my console gaming between a 2600 and a NES. I have a 360 and a PS3 (along with other consoles) but find myself playing old games more and more.
And when Im not playing video games, I play Warhammer 40K (Imperial Guard and Chaos Space Marines armies with a small Chaos Demons army growing) and enjoy playing and working with all kinds of tech.
Thanks for such an entertaining podcast. It helps to pass the time at work and during long commutes.

01-12-12, 06:46
Hi Armando! It's great you decided to join the forums and glad you are enjoying the show. I hope you become a regular around here!

02-12-12, 03:49
Hey Armando, welcome to the forums.

I wonder how many people find us through Retro Arcade Radio (http://www.retrogamingroundup.com/radio.htm), I would have thought it is usually the other way around.