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01-12-12, 12:17
Hey All,

Let's keep a running thread here about fun multiplayer PSN games that are cheap and we can all play.

I am going to pick up Fat Princess as I've read and heard this one is a blast:

Let's play!

01-12-12, 12:37
I also picked up Worms Revolution. $15. I think this would be a great one as up to four of us can play against each other. Let me know who picks this up and when you want to play. This game is SO much fun!


01-12-12, 02:19
I will pick it up tommorrow, I just blew my first PSN card already :)

01-12-12, 04:58
I have never actually played Worms except for a smal play on a priate disc for the PSOne some years ago. I will see if i can pick this game up and play with you guys. What would be brilliant is if we could all make up a team of marines and venture into one of the Alien games. Imagine the lot of us on skype walking into the depths of an Alien film game... it isnt retro but if Aliens did come to earth i would want to take them on with the RGR crew.

12-01-13, 08:11
Looks like we are playing some worms tonight around 7:30-8:00 Eastern Time if anyone wants to join FocusRS and me.

14-02-13, 12:50
I think Socal plays Double Dragon Neon.. (At least for his one review). and I have that game.

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24-03-13, 06:04
I actually think Battlefield 1943 is pretty damn good. I play it MORE than I do Battlefield 3 in fact. lol

24-03-13, 06:07
Magic: The Gathering is another good one.

03-04-13, 12:10
All good picks so far. Might I recommend Bomberman Ultra? It was free on PSN + not long ago, and it's great for a quick bit of fun. Up to 8 players online too (It's no Saturn Bomberman, but it's good!)

05-04-13, 12:35

And some decidedly more "hard core" games.
Modern Combat: Domination
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive... but only really if you've got a keyboard and mouse to play it with and only if for some reason you can't run the PC version. Otherwise it's not really worth it on the console because of the lack of community generated content.
Battlefield 3 is fun as hell when you're in a squad with friends. You don't even have to be any good at the game. lol
Killzone 2 and 3
Pac-Man Championship Edition score chasing
Zen Pinball score chasing
I would assume Pinball Arcade has score chasing stuff, though it kinda pissed me off that when you buy a table it doesn't seem to go across platforms like Zen Pinball does.
Offline multiplayer, ANY of those Lego games.