View Full Version : New Super Mario Bros 2: Free Add-On Pack.

28-11-12, 08:42
You might have this news allready however if you don't yet know, Nintendo have released a FREE download add on pack for the NSMB2 game on the 3DS.
After the 31st of January 2013 it will be for sale so pick it up whilst it;'s free. :)

Here is a video link to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata telling fans about the add-on pack, Enjoy.


28-11-12, 09:05
Yeah I downloaded this last night, it's a good coin rush pack, a little bit on the easy side, but a great way to grind coins.

30-11-12, 04:05
I need to buy this game, I really enjoy mario games. I have been playing Burger Time, Metriod and Qix on my 3DS atm.