View Full Version : NTSC Games that work on PAL PS3 Machines

26-11-12, 07:42
Hi all,

I want to know what games i can import from the USA to play on my PS3 in the UK? I am very much interested in geting hold of a copy of Sonic's Genesis Collection, I all ready have the UK version but i want the American Version. Does anyone what to help me find out what games i can buy to play over here?

Thankyou for your time and help. Vipp

26-11-12, 01:09
The PS3 is region free when it comes to games. The whole Pal and NTSC thing is not a problem as long as you are playing the game on an HDTV with an HDMI cable. HDTV's now use a world wide standard. So import away. The only exception that I know about is Persona Arena which for some reason was region locked.

The only problems you should have would be if you decided to buy dlc for those games from the UK market. DLC is region locked for quite a few games.

26-11-12, 04:17
Thanks for the advice Indie i can buy away from the US now. i see a few games i want to get hold of. im wondering if anyone has a genesis collection they want to sell on the cheap.