View Full Version : New Poster - Long(ish) time listener

15-11-12, 01:06
I've been listening for some time. Met the guys down in Vegas for some beer drinking.. oh and I think there was some show there or something...

Great show guys, keep up the good work.

I have an Assault cab (just got it!) and am in the process of building a MAME cocktail out of an old sit down pinball machine. I have pretty much every console and a C64. I also happen to have a crazy pac-man collection that my parents passed down to me. All new, with tags on all of it, it's cool. I sold off a Cabal conversion, liked the game but the conversion was hacked.

My background is in wireless/RF - from towers to system level to semiconductors/circuits. I do a little board game design on the side for fun and have a couple games published and in stores. I also teach EE classes in my spare time. Most all the other time I obsess about old games.

I've started wearing Stetson at work and I think it helped me get promoted.


15-11-12, 01:52
Hey James!

Great to see you getting in the forums. Hopefully you become a regular around here. It was great meeting you at CGE!

15-11-12, 09:41
Oooh, wearing Stetson at work, kinky.