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12-11-12, 09:31
Is the FPGA used to recreate the SID chip as well as the 6502 and VIC video chip? Is the sound quality close to a real C64 on the MCC?

SID Kidd64
10-12-12, 09:58
Hey Kynrek,

I don't know much about the MCC, just read in a few forums that it's not the best piece of hardware. But I know lots about the Turbo Chameleon, which can also be used as a standalone Amiga, C64 or Speccy. The TC64 works perfect with it's FPGA based SID emu. Check this out to hear yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPT4aZXXRSI


11-12-12, 12:17
The TC64 uses a Cyclone III FPGA, the FPGA is programmed with hardware descriptor files that define how a chip functions, so the major ICs on a C64 are all emulated on one chip. Because the Cyclone III is fairly powerful and adaptable it can also emulate the chipset and function of computers like the Amiga, Apple II etc. You just boot up with a different set of emulated hardware to totally change the FPGA into that computer. To oversimplify, all you need is a model of each IC used in a computer, define how they interact, and so long as their size and function fit within that the FPGA can do, you can emulate that computer.

The MCC uses a Cyclone III FPGA, same as the TC64. The main IC that each system is based on, that does all the real work is identical. You might also find that same FPGA inside your car's in dash nav unit as its CPU. The real difference between the TC64 and the MCC is what the software developers are trying to accomplish. But as far as the SID chip and 6502 emulation goes, it is a tremendous amount of work to create those models of the ICs, I would bet they are identical.

13-12-12, 06:30
Wow, that's a heck of an answer I really appreciate you taking the time to explain it.