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08-11-12, 02:43

Luke here, a.k.a. SWABteam. I recently discovered the show about a month ago and am slowly working my way through the episodes from the beginning. Love the show, the extra long format is great for my commute to work or when I'm working around the house.

A bit about me, the first system I can remember being in my parents home was the NES. Though I was young at the time I remember playing Dragon Warrior or Mega Man with my dad. We used to take Poloroid pictures of the end screens of the games we beat.

I probably spent the majority of my youth, and a good part of my adult life playing games. I have owned more or less every game system at some point in my life, though with a career, a wife and kids I don't play as much as I used to.

Keep up the good work RGR and I will keep listening.

08-11-12, 03:03
Great, another listener in the forums. Welcome! Hope you become a regular around here and glad you are enjoying the show.