View Full Version : Zen Pinball 2 **Free Upgrade**

21-10-12, 10:21
God news for Zen Pinball owners, currently on the PSN you can upgrade to Zen Pinball 2 for no extra cost, this also allows you to have all of your currently owned tables to be upgraded for free also. You will recieve a nice new game and easy to use menu system and all of the tables are upgraded to an imporved physics system and the option to play the tables in 3D with a 3D ready tv set.

Im not a fan of 3D however i have upgraded and purchased a few new tables after Scott made me understand pinball in a whole new way. This is well worth the asking price if you do want to pay out the 7.99p, im not sure how long they intend to let you have the upgrade for free so if you do have the original it might be worth a look.

on a second note, if anyone does have Zen Pinball i would love to join a multi player game online.