View Full Version : New RGRUP studio construction starts this weekend

18-10-12, 03:31
Finally I am getting around to building a dedicated recording studio in the basement. It will be about 7x18ft and have dedicated space for computers, mixers, mics etc. so I can leave all that stuff hooked up and configured. I will also set up a TV with my consoles, a video multi-pinball and a MAME machine for play testing. This weekend should see the walls framed up, then over the next few weeks drywall, door, carpet etc.

18-10-12, 04:21
very cool!!!

18-10-12, 10:01
Awesome. Looking forward to the HW Flashback "how I built a studio."

23-10-12, 03:58
Dont forget to leave room for the stetson shrine.

23-10-12, 05:04
Cant wait to see it. Must be nice having so much space / time on your hands :)

23-10-12, 05:22
Fighting the world for both of those my friend.

23-10-12, 06:45
Fighting the world for both of those my friend.

Need help, just pay me in Dales Pale Ale or Lime-a-Ritas :)

06-11-12, 05:22
Don't forget a good surge protector for all of your stuff so that nothing gets fried and no more recordings get lost.

08-11-12, 08:23
Just ordered my acoustic foam, 2 inch pyramid. I am doing the entire ceiling for echo kill and a bass trap in each corner. The drywall is all up other than the door end. Next week I should have it ready to start moving in gear.

08-11-12, 10:36
Any pics to upload?

08-11-12, 11:10
Or a video? :)

09-11-12, 11:27
Rgr now coming to from out us studios.
And Now back to our uk studios.
This all smacks of more retro goodness.

22-11-12, 04:23
All the paint has dried, the pyramid foam is in, and I have just started moving gear in. Unfortunately the carpet won't be here till the second week in Jan so I am moving about half of everything in since I just have to move it back out to lay the carpet.

26-11-12, 10:19
Any Photo's Of the new studio? It sound brilliant.

26-11-12, 03:48
Im hoping there is a mini fridge in there somewhere with some Dales Pale Ale! for me to raid on my next visit :)

27-11-12, 04:49
Should have some pics up real soon, I keep moving boxes in and out and wanted to get a cleaner pic.

29-11-12, 07:33
All done other than the carpet and laminate on the console, then I got to move in the video pin and mame cab, after MAGFEST though.


29-11-12, 10:55
Looking good, I'm sure you could squeeze some more monitors on the desk though :)

02-12-12, 08:24
Gotta love the random Atari carts that have already found their way in there. I can discern Pitfall, Dragster, Video Pinball, Beat 'em and Eat 'em, and Defender.