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17-10-12, 12:59
Hello RGR/Gamegavel community,

My name is RedMage or Johnny K if you like and I'm absolutely thrilled about finding this podcast and community for classic gamers. I'm 26 and from Minnesota and my earliest gaming experiences went way back to seeing my significantly older cousin playing double dragon on his atari...7800 I think? I would imagine that I was so ridiculously young at this point however, because while I do remember seeing him beat the game for me, I can't even recall an instance where I even touched a controller. I didn't care though, because I enjoyed it all so very much.

Fast forward a few years where I was really into books (specifically the "choose your own adventure" series) and I remember getting my first gaming system, the NES most likely from a garage sale. To this day, I perfectly remember getting my first game, the good old mario/duckhunt cartridge for the low low price of 50 cents or so from my local funcoland. Gaming instantly took over books at that moment and though I still read a book every now and then, Gaming has always been the forefront of my pastime (with movies and playing basketball as a close runner up).

Anyways, I love this podcast. I came upon it totally by chance and because I work a warehouse type job where I am able to have my mp3 player on me, the long show formats just rock. I'm well over half way through the back episodes already and can't wait to catch up to the more current shows. Most importantly however, I would like to thank RGR for (cheesy commercial plug here) reigniting my retro gaming fire as since starting to listen to this show, I've bought and started to clean/restore games and systems I owned (and very stupidly sold off) from my childhood. So far, I have a working NES that I had disabled personally the 10 NES chip (Thanks Scott for talking about this, I never would have known!) roughly 30 NES games, a gameboy advance SP and about 20 GB/GBA games from my youth, and a N64 with probably well over 40 games now that I've all cleaned inside and out and have started working on replacing the front and back labels to make the games look as new as possible. Many more games and systems will come in the future but these were the ones that I had the most ties to when I was growing up.

Lastly, probably a year or so from now I am very excited to announce that my wife gave the go ahead for me to build my very own MAME cab from scratch in the basement of our soon to be house (still waiting on the bank approval but we're getting close) and I'm lucky to have an uncle that is an amazing woodworker and craftsman and a friend that is an electrical engineer to help me out with the finer aspects of this machine. I love the fact of making a MAME cab from scratch as I can totally make it my own and though I'm still settling on a theme/color scheme, visually this will be a supremely jaw dropping machine no doubt.

So yeah, hello all and I'm happy to be a part of such a great retro community! :)

17-10-12, 05:54
Thanks for the detailed intro and welcome to the forums and glad you are enjoying the podcast! Hope you become a regular around these parts, Cowboy :) Hope you join GameGavel too, if you haven't already.

04-01-13, 02:25
Oops, I see you were able to post as I responded here. lol. Again, welcome to the forums.

04-01-13, 01:55
Hi Red MAge, Welcome to the forum. I have always wanted to make a MAME cab so it will be interesting hearing how you get on.

04-01-13, 02:25
Should be a nice one with those contributors, good luck!