View Full Version : Hawken (and the spirit of Steel Batallion)

16-10-12, 12:24
I reckon Scott at the very least will be interested in this

For those that don't know, Hawken is an upcoming free to play Mech Combat game for the PC

"Yeah, so what, so is Mechwarrior online"

Well, they are also having these made for it

Preeeeeety sexy

you can read the Penny Arcade report about it here http://penny-arcade.com/report/editorial-article/hawken-is-a-simulation-of-mechs-in-a-street-fight-complete-with-batshit-ins

16-10-12, 12:35
Not to mention this game is one of the opening titles for the new 3D virtual reality headset the Oculus Rift. Imagine playing a game where it actually feels and looks like you are inside a giant frickin Mech!