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01-10-12, 02:05
For your listening pleasure; http://www.retrogamingroundup.com/shownotes/2012/roundup052_2012.09.htm


Hardware Flashback - (00:00)
Retro Regurge - (34:36)
Guinness Gaming Records - (42:10)
Ghostbusters (Activision) - (44:19)
The Great And Powerful Oz - (49:04)
Brett Nevue Interview - (50:57)
Top Ten Video Game Villains - results (http://www.retrogamingroundup.com/shownotes/2012/roundup052_topten.htm) - (122:13)
Gaming Trivia - (200:19)
Auction Talk - (200:46)
James On James - (208:30:)
Live News And Listener Views - chat log (http://www.retrogamingroundup.com/shownotes/2012/roundup052_chat.htm) - (210:23)
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 2 (Gremlin) - (345:18)
URLs And EMails - (348:48)

Show links and more;


02-10-12, 04:01
Nice to see I made the list of top ten villains (or at least honorable mention). My empire is indeed super evil.

02-10-12, 06:58
Downloading it right now..give it a listen tom.

03-10-12, 04:08
As far as video game villains go, at least I can send coily to his death and hear that cool knock.

Gordon Bennett
03-10-12, 12:46
Cheers for getting this out when you have. It's seen me through two long mornings of lying in a dark room recovering from migraine. There's no better way I know to make a bad situation slightly less intolerable than having something interesting and entertaining to listen to without any concern over needing to get up to put something else on after a short time.

It really has been a comfort. Sorry for not being able to give more specific feedback at this point but my mind is a bit hazy at the moment. I did particularly enjoy the discussion about television and storytelling during the interview as that is a subject of both personal and professional interest for me.

03-10-12, 08:36
That interview mushroomed into something wonderful, we expected a quick 20 minute promo and got an hour and something chat about cool shit. It was good fun.

You may never know how close we came to not getting this one out, but get it out we did, and we are in the throes of the October show and an upcoming special.

04-10-12, 01:47
Another great show, and a great idea for a top ten that turned out great (hey, three greats in one sentence. Yay for grammar!) Very Great indeed.

Anyways, I finally picked up a Colecovision from Socal. I gotta get almost my entire library for the system online though, as I can't find a single local seller that has ANYTHING for the Colecovision. Bummer. Hopefully I come across a cheap Intellivision on GameGavel soon. But glad I can check out systems before my major NES heyday, and thanks to this show I can seperate the wheat from the chaff.

I'm rambling. Anyway awesome show as usual.

07-10-12, 12:27
Cool interview. I enjoyed the part about watching shows in backwards order. Imagine that. Watching a show (especially one that ended its run), starting from the series/season finale all the way back to the pilot. But I guess if the DVR gives it to me that way, someone probably wanted me to see it that way.
Definitely looking forward the next interview.

23-10-12, 06:58
For Socal,

During the top 10 discussion the question came up about atari paddle controllers and why they are jittery. Here is a vid I did on a repair of one some time ago.