View Full Version : Black Mesa Source- Half Life Mod is finally out!

17-09-12, 12:04
Well it was finally released a couple of days ago. It took me an hour and a half to download and install it but I'm having some serious fun reliving this game. They have updated the graphics and physics but I'm even more impressed with how they have redone the music and voice acting. For a project that took almost as long as Duke Nukem Forever it's a pretty awesome thing. By the way you can play the game for free all you need to do is use steam to download the Source SDK 2007. Then visit their site and download the mod. I used Desura since it downloaded and installed everything for me. I did have to sign up with them to get it but I believe there is a torrent for it out there as well.

So anyone here have any scary memories of the original Half Life? Will you be trying out this new mod?