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15-09-12, 03:04
Hello I'm Noider and I'm a gameaholic. I'm 36 and have been addicted to video games for as long as I can remember. My first console playerd was the Atari 2600 at my grandpas house and first console owned was the Nes. I remember getting Adventures of Bayou billy. I have been on the path to brain rot ever sense. Funny thing is it that where true I'd be blank slate by now.

All joking aside I'm really glad I found Gamegavel.. I thank god for bringing me here through Red Sea Crossing. I believe I found the add on Nintendo age. I am just getting into selling games online and got pretty upset with Ebay's prices...what a rip off from gamestop to ebay really? So I set out on a mission. I have started with $100 and will be buying and selling at fair prices to see If I can make it. If you want you can check me out at www.facebook/Obsessivegamers.com. I'm just starting out so will be making many changes along the way. I'm really glad to be here and looking forward to getting to know the locals.

Also I'd like to make a suggestion if I could. I have been putting a link in every Craigslist posting back to Gamegavel.com I think they have something good here and plan to support it.

15-09-12, 07:08
Hey Noider,

Welcome to GameGavel and to the Forums. Do you also listen to our RetroGamingRoundup podcast? Hope to see you around here often. Feel free to promote your auctions here and on our Facebook page too.

17-09-12, 02:02
I have not heard of it until now..But will be checking it out here soon

20-09-12, 01:00
WOW 135 VIEWS....................and 2 replays one of them being me nice to meet you guys to. ;OP

20-09-12, 05:24
Sorry :) Most of the activity for intros is down below in the RetroGamingRoundup area. I will repost down there and maybe you will get some nie greetings. Common guys :)

All Your Base
20-09-12, 02:14
Hi Noider,

Don't consider it as game addiction, consider the fact that gaming improves your hand/eye co-ordination.

Of course, the most practical application of good hand/eye co-ordination is that it improves your game playing!


20-09-12, 07:04
Always nice to see someone new in here. Welcome to the forums. And yes, DO check out the Retrogaming Roundup podcast. There's quite a back catalog of shows to keep you busy for some time...

21-09-12, 02:13
Hi Noider!!! Welcome to the Forums, this place is great!! If you can try to make a live news segment, it is always a blast!!

Also check out the member contest area of the forums, usually you can find some contest going on for free retro stuff :)

Sharin the Retro!

24-09-12, 02:25
Cool Nice to meet you guys.......I was starting to think everybody was really shy. I don't consider my addiction to games a bad thing. In fact I think its great love it. I'm in the middle of looking for a new place to live so I'll be hit or miss with few listings for a couple of Months. But when I get settled I'll be buying and selling lots more. And ummm yeah Hand eye coordination got it. You think my girlfriend will agree? Lets hope so.

25-09-12, 10:30
I have noider who this guy is.

26-09-12, 03:07
I have noider who this guy is. I got a good laugh out of that. I used to go by the name Noid and had a guy tell me once he was getting Anoid......... bu-bu bum good knee slapper for ya.