View Full Version : Another podcast mentions frustrations with GameGavel

14-09-12, 03:17
Hey guys, I was just listening to Episode 35 of "Retro Gaming Podcast (http://implantgames.com/?p=1882&cpage=1#comment-83611)" (such an original title) from Implant Games

If you scroll to about the 20 minute mark, the hosts discuss selling on GameGavel and the issues they have with the service.

I just thought you would like some constructive feedback on making GameGavel even better.

16-09-12, 06:40
Thanks for the post. Ya, I listened to them and their one main complaint with the search sorting is something we are intending to fix pretty soon. I agree and this has been one of the main complaints for the past couple years. We have some big news coming in the next couple weeks involving a merger with a much larger national retailer which will really boost our traffic, listings and revenue. One of the first things we will be doing is giving the site a facelift and improving the interface :)