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06-09-12, 02:21
Sorry, some other guy already did "Hello from Newfoundland" just a few posts below. In case it's confusing anyone, we have our own time zone on the Island here. It's different from the next latest one in North America by half an hour.

I'm 31 and have loved games for as long as I can remember. Literally. Because my first memory is PacMan 2600. No matter how much people tell me that's a terrible game, I'll never believe it. I can remember watching my brother control the thing happening on the TV and thinking it was actually magic. Which it was.

At peak of collecting for me, I owned twenty something consoles and thousands of games. I have sold off most of it over the last three or four years, as the job, the wife, and the kids have cut into the time I used to use to play all of it.

Now I play mostly my favourite system, the 7800. That also doubles as my 2600. I also have a Wii that doubles as a Gamecube and is my wife's primary system (hundreds of hours into Animal Crossing City Folk and going strong). And I have a 3DS that doubles as a DS. I also play indie stuff from Steam on an extremely cheap laptop.

I work in Learner Services at a College. I love CFL Football so much I would marry it were polygamy more socially acceptable. And I'm one of those guys you hate who rides a bike to work.

Oh, and I live in a town of 6,500, so I basically am the entire retro scene in the town where I live, and possibly for a couple hours in any direction.

06-09-12, 04:04
:ATWelcome to GameGavel, RetroGamingRoundup and the forums! I did rag on the Atari 2600 Pac Man, but recently played it and really enjoyed playing it again. I forgot how much I played it back in the day. There is something about the sounds that really resonate with me and my past. I really do love it again!

I hope you stick around and become a regular here.

06-09-12, 04:48
Great story (I can relate, being married since 2008)...

As for "back in the day" home console versions of Pac-Man, the Intellivision version is the best in my book, even beating the Atari home computer version. Unfortunately it didn't see a wide audience due to the "crash of '83", but it is quite impressive nonetheless.

In any case, welcome to the forums!

06-09-12, 02:10
There were some way better versions on home computers of the day, which is probably where I played it most (Snapper on the BBC comes to mind!). Still enjoyed the 2600 version too tho.


Tricky X
09-09-12, 06:51
Howdy.. I totally agree, not sure why everyone hates on 2600 Pac-Man. In a gaming group I am in on Facebook, someone was ripping on it the other day saying it was the only game worse than E.T?!?! WTF.. Not even close.. I played the hell out of Animal Crossing on the Gamecube. I haven't tried any of the newer ones yet.

09-09-12, 09:30
I still don't care much for 2600 Pac-Man. Just a bad port, especially when you look at such good ports the 2600 got such as Space Invaders, Asteroids, and even Ms. Pac-Man.

And this is coming from someone who things the ET hate is insane. I actually think its a good 2600 game.

11-09-12, 05:31
And this is coming from someone who things the ET hate is insane. I actually think its a good 2600 game.

It IS a good game. It had only two problems.
1) The hardest difficulty, not the easiest, was the default. With so much going on, it was hard for even kids to figure it out.

2) No one who played it after the 80s ever read the manual. That's why you get so many people saying "you have to fall in every hole to find the phone pieces." You most certainly should not be falling in every hole. You should fall into the ones that have the litle dot that tells you there's a phone piece in there.