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21-08-12, 09:37
Hi all
I am Steve from the West Midlands in the UK gaming since the early 80`s,I started with the Atari 2600 and hand helds / table tops such as Missile invader,Astro Wars and Galaxy Invader 1000,after this the Zx Spectrum,Master System,Megadrive,Snes,Amiga,Arcade Games,3DO,Pc Engine,Jaguar,Dreamcast,Saturn,PS,N64,Gamecube...a fter the GC which i sold quickly i was so disappointed with gaming (consoles with poor games or short life span support wise) i dropped out of the scene until the release of the 360 thus missing the Xbox / PS2 era.I sold the 360 after only a few months of its release and my PS3 in 2010,i decided next gen looked pretty but was mostly shallow game play wise and so i became a 100% retro gamer.
I love retro gaming discussion,polls and podcasts also i am a member of 23 retro gaming / arcade collecting forums which i visit every month.
I found this place through the retro gaming roundup podcast which i only recently discovered while searching for new listening material,i have got as far as Round Up -12 so i am playing catch up and my fav section is the Top 10 which makes me laugh,swear and face palm -there is a chemistry between you guys who do all this so keep up the good work.
I have just had a quick look through the forum and there are so many forum threads i wish to reply too i will be playing catch up here too. :)

21-08-12, 11:58
You sound as busy as we are. We enjoy doing the top tens as much as the listeners do, the show is allot of work but hardly seems like it. Looking forward to your contributions here!

21-08-12, 12:47
Hi Saburu
Yes i am quite busy at the moment,i was working very slowly on four Zx spectrum games in-between retro gaming and other stuff but after water escapage in my flat i am now decorating,regarding visiting the forums i have noticed in the last 12 months a change perhaps in the retro gaming scene as a whole,some forums have simply died on their feet in just a matter of months and when people do post it is to complain how difficult stuff is to find or how expensive items are as if any tom,dick and harry is jumping on board to take advantage of the scene and make money.I sort of hope some forums are going quiet due to the fact that retro gamers are all consolidating into the better forums (like this one) but somehow i doubt it.

21-08-12, 03:45
Welcome to the forum!

24-08-12, 05:45
Welcome Jammajup. That's a lot of different message boards to keep up on, but I think you'll find this is a great one.